Dennis Fujitake Week - #15 - Conclusion

Dennis Fujitake’s style is marked by bits of Moebius and Steve Ditko (that cover up there has a Creeper feel to it), but the main identifier is the strong, crisp storytelling. Those two pages are impeccable, and they’re so easy to take in (helped along by Kenneth Smith’s color work). This comic, co-created by writer Jan Strnad, was well crafted and ambitious in its world building. It lasted as long as it could in the marketplace of the day.

Fujitake drew Keith Laumer’s Retief and some short pieces for Splat! (both titles for Mad Dog Graphics in the late 80s) as well as some Elfquest issues in the mid 90s. As far as I knew he was still living in Hawaii and semi-retired, but Marc Sobel hipped me to this article detailing Fujitake’s 2005 collaboration with Len Yokoyama on an all-ages comic  called Lil’ Keiki. The print run was put out by the authors themselves and was limited to a few thoudsand copies.

A slew of Dennis Fujitake’s early fanzine work can be seen here. Some great stuff in there.

Track these Dalgoda comics down or give them a chance if you come across any given issue. They’re rare in their presence and beautiful in style.