Anonymous + Awkward = the perfect Masters of the Universe comics

Speaking of my favorite He-Man mini comics, these 2 issues are the opposite side of the Bruce Timm spectrum: they’re crude, they’re off-model, and the storytelling is a string of odd, uninspired choices. I loved it back then and it still attracts me — except I have no clue as to who drew them.

It looks like some analogous Mike Sekowsky¬†staffer, typically uncredited. Probably for the best, as I’m sure this was just on-the-clock work produced in record time. C’mon, it’s a fucking little kid’s mini comic… only a hungry rookie like Timm would care about it looking decent. Aw, I’m sure they tried their best… and those colors are beautiful! Look at that first panel’s structure and framing. Pretty excellent.¬†

ITEM! Stan Sakai lettered most, if not all of these mini comics.